Top Dentists in the Dallas Area

Smile, please! Won’t you smile? Need a Dentist first? Here is a Top 10 of Dentists in the Dallas, TX area. This list was compiled by how frequently the Dentist’s information is kept in people’s digital address books. The Dentists that are used more frequently are stored more frequently. The #1 Dentist on this list has been stored the most amount of times by Dallas residents. Generally, people only store a business’ information in their address books if they are satisfied with the provider’s service and wish to engage in repeat business.

Smile at these 10 Most Popular Dallas Dentists

1. Best Patterson Crothers …(612 people stored this Dentist in their digital address books)  Steigercentrum dakrandbeveiliging onderdelen  (214) 978-3800 2200 Ross Ave Ste 3800 – Dallas, TX 75201

2. Roberts D Heath DDS …(363) (214) 750-7776 5477 Glen Lakes Dr Ste 100 – Dallas, TX 75231

3. Berland Lorin F …(316) (214) 999-0110 2121 San Jacinto St – Dallas, TX 75201

4. Dr Patrick R Brady Orthodontic (245) (214) 265-7299 6514 Lupton Dr – Dallas, TX 75225

5. Robert Hamilton …(215) (972) 644-1162 11910 Greenville Ave – Dallas, TX 75243

6. Preston Hollow Specialists (205) (214) 691-5621 8411 Preston Rd Ste 850 – Dallas, TX 75225

7. Lindley Philip E …(189) (214) 528-7870 3110 Webb Ave – Dallas, TX 75205

8. Higginbottom Frank L (164) (214) 827-1150 3600 Gaston Ave Ste 1107 – Dallas, TX 75246

9. Choate Barrie B …(149) (214) 691-1172 8355 Walnut Hill Ln Ste 100 – Dallas, TX 75231

10. Dallas Laser Dentistry (149) (214) 739-8888 7515 Greenville Ave Ste 500 – Dallas, TX 75231

Health, especially oral health is our biggest asset. Smile is the universal language that every human knows. The undeniable truth is that a graceful smile boosts up our confidence and plays a biggest role to bring success in our lives. Visiting on a Dentist is as essential as any other routine activity and this list will help you to find a Dentist at your location to maintain your beautiful smile forever.

Zander Smith

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