Online Phonics Reading Program – Help for Struggling Reader

If you’re looking for help for a child who is struggling to learn to read, then look no further than an online phonics reading program. For those who aren’t familiar with “phonics”, it is a teaching method for English speakers enabling them to read and spell. Basically it teaches how to associate single letters or groups of letters with sounds used in spoken English. For example, an online phonics reading program will teach someone that the sound “i” can be spelled “aye” “ae” or “i”.

A good online phonics reading program will be interactive to hold the attention of the child learning to read. For example the online tutor will say the sound associated with some single letters or groups of letters and the pupil will have to use their computer mouse to point to and click on the letter or group on the screen. The lessons will progress to whole words containing sounds which have already been learnt; take the group of letters “out” which appear in many words. Two words will appear on the screen, perhaps with a similar beginning sound and the pupil will have to identify the correct one by pointing and clicking. For example “spout” and “spank”.

The online tutor will encourage the child with praise when a task is carried out correctly or will repeat the question if the answer is wrong.

In this way an online phonics reading program will build up the knowledge of the child learning to read from single letters and sounds through groups of letters and their associated sounds to whole short words and families of words then longer words and ultimately sentences which the reader will identify.

Later in the online phonics reading program, the child will have to use a keyboard onscreen and later still the computer keyboard to type words and sentences onto the screen so not only will the child be learning reading and spelling but keyboard skills as well, which will certainly be a bonus in these technologically focused days.

Of course the online phonics reading program doesn’t just involve sound and word identification but reading aloud along with the onscreen tutor too.

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