Drawstring Plastic Bags

Drawstring plastic bags are basically simple plastic bags with drawstrings or double pull strings at the top, that makes the bags easy to use, easy to carry and at the same time, reusable. These serve a double purpose. While these are considered to be excellent for showing off particular products, drawstring bags are also useful in keeping the items free from dust, grime, pollution and other harmful agents. These are used quite commonly to showcase cosmetics, craft items and many types of decorative items. Drawstring plastic bags are also waterproof.

Decorative items are stored quite often in transparent drawstring plastic bags as it enables the customer to view the items carefully without opening the package repeatedly. This is especially important if the contents are delicate.

Drawstring plastic bags are generally available in packs of hundred. The size varies from 3X5 inches to 12X18 inches. As the size of the drawstring bags increases, the price also increases. One can buy the small sized drawstring bags for about $7 and the bigger ones for about $24. There are various brands for drawstring bags, but this is the general price range, seen across all brands and companies.

They are available in many colors but the most common and popular are the clear plastic drawstring bags, as by storing items in these, the items inside the bag can be easily seen. However, if the items are to be kept in the drawstring bags for storage purposes and not for showcasing, then colored drawstring bags are favored. Nowadays, drawstring plastic bags have lost their popularity as they can’t hold heavy items and tear easily. The plastic also degrades with exposure to heat and sunlight. So, now people usually prefer drawstring bags made of materials other than plastic.

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