The Uses of Plastic

Plastic is one of the most widely used materials in our modern world. Its versatility and useful properties allows it to be used in everything from fizzy drink bottles and shoes to car parts and banners. What’s more, it can be manufactured to pretty much anybody’s needs, in pretty much any shape and size. Its unique adaptability endows it with a range of benefits that include areas such as waterproofing, safety, health, storage and value. With plastic, most is possible. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the most common uses of this brilliant material.


Think about everything you buy or have ever bought: it is most likely to have been displayed or contained in plastic packaging. The supermarket is like plastic city: almost everything you take off the shelf will be in a plastic wrapper or container. Yet, plastic’s uses go further than the groceries. It’s the material that makes up your lunch box, your shower gel and deodorant bottles, the bag you use while shopping and that which your parcel arrives within. Plastic can hold, store and package almost anything.


Plastic is also an integral material for packaging, protecting and storing many medical supplies. Consider the material’s importance when it comes to diagnosis tools, blood bags, dental tools, syringes and even artificial body parts, x-ray tables and skin graft material. Otherwise, remember you need plastic for your toothbrush, washing up gloves and glasses.


Would you even think it? Most of your clothes are probably made of at least part plastic. How would you fair without your wellies, raincoat and umbrella in the rain or even those tights in the winter? Also, think about your home: your carpets, furniture and wall paper all have a plastic contribution. Additionally, you need plastic for your holiday: your luggage!


The majority of children’s toys are made of plastic along with sporting equipment such as tennis rackets, basketballs and trampolines. You can’t go camping without a plastic tent and you’ll need the material for your cooler box too. What about flash lights, boats and helmets – they’re all made of plastic. Your bicycle is plastic and so is some of your music instrument.

Electrical and Electronics

Computers and electronic equipment are central elements of modern life but they couldn’t exist without plastic. Everything from your computer screen to its keyboard, mouse and the printer’s ink cartridge is made of plastic. Furthermore, there’s no access to electricity without a plug and socket and cables and you can’t watch that DVD or play it without plastic. Plastic even makes up our washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators.

Home and Kitchen

A lot of the utensils you use to eat and cook are made of plastic. These include ladles, spatulas, cups, bottles and containers. Otherwise, your household is likely to include a plastic bin, a washing bowl and a plastic garden table and chairs.

Baby Products

Babies require plastic! Everything from their bottles, diapers and chairs to prams and milk dispensers need the material.

Building and Construction

Plastic is vital for construction work in the home. Think about the pipes for plumbing and sinks, the bath tub and shower screen and the kitchen counter. Otherwise, remember plastic goes into floors, paint, signs and insulation material.


Finally, plastic is essential for mobility. How important is your car to you? It wouldn’t be the car you know without a plastic bumper, light covers, dashboard and steering wheel. Neither would it make sense if it didn’t have car seats, a petrol tank and engine parts – all made of plastic. Cars are pretty much reliant on the material.

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