True Cost of Home Delivery – Pt I of II

While retailers know quite a bit about how the activities on their floor affect sales (how many ups, closing rates, average sale, etc.), many retailers, when asked, are unaware of what they actually spend on deliveries each year. If you’re one of the few retailers still offering in-house deliveries, it’s important to understand what your true cost is.

Every home furnishings retailer wants to improve their bottom line and increase profitability, however, there’s a significant hole in your wallet that’s eating up your profits with each and every delivery. In all cases, your cost to deliver goes well beyond a tank of gas and the hourly wage of a couple employees.

To begin, you must identify and control your costs in three major areas as it relates to your deliveries; Labor Costs, Operational Costs and Vehicle Costs.

Labor Costs

When considering labor costs, many retailers fail to calculate the underside of the iceberg. If a single delivery takes one hour round trip and requires two of your employees at $12.00 per hour, you just see the tip of the iceberg. However, the underside of the iceberg reveals your direct labor costs which include; FICA, unemployment, health and welfare, vacations, turnover and workmen’s comp insurance.

Take a look at one example of the direct cost for a typical employee:

Wage $12 / hr

Workmen’s comp $0.65 (6.5 %)

Pension plan $1.00 ($1.00 / hour)

Med/Social Security $0.77 (7.65%)

Personal / Sick time $0.20 (five days)

Holiday time $0.20 (five paid holidays)

Vacation time $0.40 (two week vacation)

Health insurance $3.34 (monthly cost of $550.00)

Total direct cost for this employee is $18.56 per hour, based on the above examples. With this common scenario, a one hour delivery now has a direct cost of over $35 in labor expense but doesn’t stop there. In the case of unexpected absenteeism, there is also the great expense of acquiring temp labor and providing them proper training. Often, retailers overlook the hours their management spends simply managing the entire delivery process and fail to attribute that portion of their salary to delivery cost.

Operational Costs

If you’re like most retailers, you’ve kept good records to track your operational cost over the course of a year. But even some of the strongest retailers that keep the best of records fail to tie some of their operational costs to their very source-home deliveries.

Don’t make the common mistake of chalking up these operational costs to the cost of doing business. These are the costs directly associated with home deliveries: routing, service issues, discounts, property damage, product damage and adequate equipment such as dollies, pads, straps, uniforms, etc.

Even route optimization is critical in improving efficiency to lower delivery cost. Whether you route your deliveries yourself or utilize specialized logistics software, routing requires both skill and time, both of which come with a price.

Also overlooked are service issues and how expensive they are to resolve. From missing product to damaged product, studies show that your typical exchange can cost up to 5x the original delivery cost and all too often, these costs exceed the margin or even the total cost of the item. In addition, there are costs associated with unnecessary customer agitation, future lost business, and negative word of mouth advertising.

And of course, we can’t ignore the customer’s floor we just scratched or the smudge mark on your customer’s brand new mattress they just purchased. In Furniture World Magazine over 400 of their readers participated in an online survey that showed 62% of those surveyed stated that damage was their number one delivery issue. I’m sure your delivery crew does their very best to make every delivery incident free, but should an unfortunate accident take place, this cost adds up and over the course of time should be averaged out and considered part of your direct delivery cost.


design utilized in building

The Silver Lake territory in Los Angeles, California is known for its pleasant areas. The zone got its name from the Silver Lake Reservoir. It is absolutely a spot to be in for individuals who are hip, chic, quick, popular, and so forth The region is verged on the four sides by the Atwater Village in the north, the Echo Park on the east, the East Hollywood on the west and the Historic Filipino town on its south.

To realize the zone much better, it is basic to think about the living class there. While the homes around the Silver Lake Reservoir house the rich and popular, the individuals who have a place with the low pay bunch live close to the Sunset Boulevard. Obviously, the homes close to the Silver Lake Reservoir are profoundly costly thinking about its polish and tastefulness.

The compositional marvels of the Silver Lake puts it more on the map especially for the advanced design utilized in building homes. One can discover individuals from different ethnic foundations and subcultures, populating the Silver Lake territory. Gay culture is exceptionally overwhelming here with more number of same-sex couples living here.

Discussing Silver Lake territory would be deficient if planner Richard Neutra isn’t referenced. This renowned engineer has planned a few houses which is a riddle for understudies and compositional buffs even today.

Walt Disney’s studio was first worked at the Hyperion Avenue and Griffith Park Boulevard in Silver Lake region and in its place currently stands the Mixville retail plaza. All things considered, this clarifies why Walt Disney is exceptionally connected to the name Hyperion in order to name a portion of their elements as Hyperion Theater and the Hyperion Books. There are an excessive number of steps here like the Redcliffe Stairs, Descanso Stairs, and the Music Box Stairs and these give admittance to the mark slopes in the area. It is charming to realize that that Music Box Stairs showed up in the Laurel and Hardy film.


London Calendar Tourism Guide

As much as I enjoy my position as the country’s leading football betting scribe, I occasionally yearn for the more glamorous world of investigative journalism.

When news broke that David Moyes had initiated legal proceedings against Wayne Rooney for alleging that his ex-boss leaked tales of his ‘cash for a rash’ habit; I sensed my opportunity.

To get to the bottom of the story, I knew I had to do everything that young Rooney did, with the exception of the old trout.

After conducting my initial enquiries, I can confirm that there are establishments that offer this kind of tawdry service, and they open on a Friday night, a Saturday morning and a Sunday afternoon. I’m not sure if these places are open in midweek, but my investigation is ongoing.

At this early stage, I wouldn’t  geekowear. like to put money on Moyes being successful in his action, as my overheads have left me virtually potless. I’ll try to recoup a little by backing Rooney’s United to see off the Moyes boys at 8/11.

It may sound ridiculous to claim that Watford have enjoyed their spell in the top flight, but some people welcome a spanking on a weekly basis. The Hornets will be getting tonked at Bramall Lane this week, 4/7 is lying on the table.

Manchester City haven’t scored a Premiership goal in front of their own supporters since New Years Day. Luckily for the Psycho, Aston Villa are the next visitors to Eastlands so Vassell is guaranteed a goal. The Villa are unbeaten in their last six matches; a draw looks the call at 9/4.

Jose Mourinho believes that Manchester United’s opponents are denied penalties as a result of a ‘new rule’. The Special One is completely wrong on this one; that directive was introduced several years ago. I only have one rule this weekend, get on Chelsea at 1/3 to see off Bolton.

If i had to pick Wigan’s most consistent performer, I’d probably plump for the chairman; he’s been consistently wrong in every interview this season. West Ham can drag Wigan into the relegation battle at 12/5.

Charlton have one major advantage over their backdoor threatened rivals, they have the Bent lad up front. The classy hitman can help Charlton leave Ewood Park with a point at 5/2.

I was surprised that the tabloids found it newsworthy to reveal that the royal family are Arsenal fans. I’m pretty sure that Prince Philip supported the Gunners in last season’s Champions League final; I heard he wrote a note saying ‘Get it done in Paris.’ The Queen’s favourite team will put one over her favourite shopkeeper at 4/9.

Stevie Gerrard swapped shirts with Frank Lampard after Liverpool’s first leg defeat in their Champions League semi; he’s always had a soft spot for camping. The Reds will have one eye on the second leg; Portsmouth can land the upset at 11/4.

Reading were absolutely devastated when Newcastle won from behind at St James’ earlier in the season; nobody has regretted losing a lead in such a fashion since Helen Chamberlain’s ex-boyfriend. The Royals can gain revenge at 21/20.

Middlesbrough are having to plan for next season without Mark Viduka. Gareth Southgate is said to be quite disappointed; but it’s Christmas come early for the catering department. Backing the draw between Boro and Spurs at 12/5 will make us all feel that little bit happier.

January – Good time to visit London, not too cold, and not too rainy. Sales are everywhere, and you can see people in shopping frenzy. Also, the concert halls and theatres are back in normal operation after the Christmas rush, which means good ticket availability.

February – Unfriendly time to visit London, not too cold, but days are dull because of low cloud and rain. Aside from low hotel price and the Chinese New Year celebration in Soho, there’s not much good reason to visit the city.

March – A little less like February, unpredictable weather; sunny, rainy and windy days all in the same week. Oxford or Cambridge boat race usually starts at the last weekend of the month. British summer starts by the end of the month.

April – Weather is definitely better than the past couple of months, though there will still be rainy and windy days. Events you should look forward are the London Marathon and Easter.

May – Weather of the city is still unpredictable, and though it’s getting warmer and more sunshine sets in, rain showers let down foolishly. Late May and early June is usually are good days before the monsoons set in. Various festivities are celebrated in the city in May (such as festivals in Hampstead and Greenwich) with Morris-dancing and other festivals, such as the sweeps day in Rochester, Coin Street Festival on South Bank and the highly anticipated Football cup Finals.

June – Mostly a dry and sunny month, though some small storms gets in the city off the Atlantic. Some prominent venues, such as the Barbican, starts the Summer shut-down. Pub-theaters and small venues start their pre-Edinburgh shows of comedy and short plays. Summer exhibition of dreadful painting is available at the Royal Academy, and lots of activities are being held all across the city, such as the one of the four Grand Slam events in tennis – Wimbledon tennis championships, Convent Garden Festival, City of London Festival of theatre and music, and the Derby and Ascot Horseracing.

July – Summer officially starts in London, and it’s warm enough to wear t-shirt in the city. Music is also drying up in preparation for the Proms, and the grand gardening event in Hampton Court flower show.

August – Proms every night, throttling other music venues. Countryside of the city is in bloom. Tourists start to clog the city, causing hotel prices to soar.

September -The best time to visit the city for it’s a warm and dry days. Open House festival at the end of the month and the Mayor’s Thames festival at the middle of the month are the two major festivals in the city you shouldn’t miss. Opera season begins as the Proms ends with a night of music. Another festival you should check is the Seafood festival.

October – Much like September but with shorter days and less activities in the city. Weather starts to be unpredictable again as the Indian summer is working its way. British summer season ends by the late part of the month and cloudy days starts to draw in.

November – Wearing a jacket over your shirt is advised, as the winter rain clouds battle against the fading Indian summer, causing unpredictable weather. Fireworks are set off at Guy Fawkes Night by the 5th.

December – A Laid-back and usually a dry month for London. Shopping frenzy for pre-Christmas is everywhere and pretty lights are all over the streets.



Why People Love Old, Antique Maps

The Interest in Old Maps

Numerous individuals around the globe explicitly gather classical guides. Old guides have a specific undefinable appeal. Guides are an adequately typical thing that even an old world guide is as yet recognizable enough to have enthusiastic reverberation, however an old world guide is as yet extraordinary enough without help from anyone else to be fascinating. Individuals who are keen on history will naturally get attracted to old guides, which are entrancing recorded archives by their own doing and can reflect authentic topographical divisions.

Improving Ancient Maps

Numerous individuals drape their old guides around their homes or at their workplaces. Old guides are particularly proper for instructors and individuals work in scholarly world, given their intrinsic instructive worth. They add a specific complexity to any room, and they can immediately become incredible discussion pieces.

The money related estimation of numerous collectibles depends on what a planned purchaser will pay for them, so the estimation of antique guides will differ. There are a lot of individuals who will follow through on significant expenses for old guides, so their potential worth is high, contingent on their condition, the year wherein they were delivered, and numerous different elements. There are old guides that are valued at 200 dollars each and old guides that are worth large number of dollars each. Little subtleties can have a significant effect.

Discovering Antique Maps

A considerable lot of the best classical guides are essential for chronicled and private assortments. Guides are not the most strong antique things on the planet, so there are just such countless antique guides accessible today. The further back anybody goes generally, the harder it will be to discover old guides from that time span. One reason that old guides are so significant in any case is the way that they are so uncommon thus delicate. They are little bits of history that can be effortlessly lost and can undoubtedly blur with time.

A long time back, individuals searching for antique guides would frequently need to keep an eye out for freedoms to discover them. They may have needed to sit tight for their get-away periods to figure out how to head out to discover them at various well known shopping outlets or old fashioned stores. Numerous authorities have gone to antique stores everywhere on the world searching for the curios that they discovered fascinating.

Today, discovering old guides is simpler than at any other time because of the accessibility of internet shopping openings. There are whole sites committed to finding old guides and selling the ones that are accessible. Old world guide aficionados ought to invest some energy looking for what they’re searching for on the web, and they ought to be headed to getting such an antiquated guides they’ve generally needed.



Write Yoast Style For Online SEO Success

Write yoast style on your blog and you’ll learn the key components of popular SEO writing results that work anywhere you might write.

Yoast is a plugin for WordPress. If you don’t have it, you might want to ask your webmaster to add it to your WordPress blog. If you do have it, follow the directions below to learn how to best use it.

1 – Keyword Phrase

Use your keyword phrase as the first 3 – 5 words in your title, in a sub header (header 2), and as the alt text for a graphic you use in your article. If possible, use the same words as anchor text for a link you place in the content, as well.

2 – Edit Meta Description Snippet

Edit the snippet in the yoast file box, by adding about 20 words using your keyword phrase in the snippet. This is an important part of helping others find your article online.

3 – Write 300 Words or More

If you don’t have more than three hundred words to say about a given topic, it probably isn’t worth the effort, because that’s the minimum number of words you need. And they should be value driven words. Don’t be lazy. Add real content and make sure they add value to your site.

4 – Use Short Sentences

Yeah, I know. I can’t do this, even if I’m forced… But I try. So, because the program requires it. I’m learning to shorten my sentences. Sometimes, using odd methods to CUT the length of a sentence.

5 – Keep it Simple Stupid

Okay, that word may not be nice, according to my granddaughter, but it’s a word. Furthermore, it’s a principle. Use it. The principle, not the word.

6 – Use Transition Words

Yeah, this one drives me nuts too. But it’s a requirement. Yoast wants at least 30% of your sentences to have a transition word, because they say so. Words like: and, first of all, finally, in addition, because, since, therefore, same, less, yet, opposite, consequently, most noteworthy, most of all, especially, and relevant. If you don’t use these words, you’ll quickly become superfluous, in the eyes of yoast. Just do it.

7 – Write in Active Voice

This is important. It makes the article easier to read, and gives it more impact. Shorter sentences also help with readability and voice, because you don’t overwrite your thoughts.


You Can Find Homes For Sale on Websites Easily

On the off chance that you need to purchase or sell your home you can take a gander at promotions in the homes available to be purchased part of the media or sites. Be that as it may, you additionally need commonsense exhortation and road keen understanding to direct you right. It is your huge speculation and there is a great deal of cash in question, so it assists with understanding the inward activities of a land exchange. Settling on educated choices can make you benefits.

Sell Homes

* When you sell your home you ought to know that the fast moving business sector is delayed as there are a greater number of homes available to be purchased than purchasers. Oversupply can cut down the costs.

* Your home area and condition and conveniences are vital as cost relies upon these variables. Posting cost is vital as it ought to be right. It ought not be overrated or under estimated.

* Seasonal changes influence the real estate market as during spring it will in general improve and descends during winter.

* You need to set a sensible cost by doing your exploration of the housing business sector and set it as per latest things. Look for the direction of a specialist to evaluate your home to get the right gauge.

* If you need fix work ensure it will compensation. Costly remodel may blow up your cost past the market esteem. casas de temporada em orlando perto dos parques

Purchase Homes

At the point when you purchase your home you should allow your representative to do your dealings. He knows your necessities. On the off chance that you see what is essential to the vender you will actually want to pass judgment on his conditions and make a decent purchase.

A composed offer is given to the proprietor of the home by the purchaser which might be dismissed and another offer must be made recorded as a hard copy. Changes are made by the two players. A cutoff time is consented to which the two players consent to conclude the arrangement.

You Can Make Your Offer Depending On;

* Survey of the property

* Repair work that should be finished

* Legal Review

* Inspection

When a full arrangement by the two sides is finished then it turns out to be lawfully restricting to both. The purchaser at that point pays 5% of the store which turns out to be essential for the up front installment.

Homes available to be purchased on sites is the ideal spot to consider the home purchasing and selling market patterns, before you settle on your venture.

Land is an online catalog for land in Canada where you can discover homes available to be purchased [http://www.real-bequest] ads. Home valuation and discovering homes to purchase should be possible through this site.

Article Source:


Online Phonics Reading Program – Help for Struggling Reader

If you’re looking for help for a child who is struggling to learn to read, then look no further than an online phonics reading program. For those who aren’t familiar with “phonics”, it is a teaching method for English speakers enabling them to read and spell. Basically it teaches how to associate single letters or groups of letters with sounds used in spoken English. For example, an online phonics reading program will teach someone that the sound “i” can be spelled “aye” “ae” or “i”.

A good online phonics reading program will be interactive to hold the attention of the child learning to read. For example the online tutor will say the sound associated with some single letters or groups of letters and the pupil will have to use their computer mouse to point to and click on the letter or group on the screen. The lessons will progress to whole words containing sounds which have already been learnt; take the group of letters “out” which appear in many words. Two words will appear on the screen, perhaps with a similar beginning sound and the pupil will have to identify the correct one by pointing and clicking. For example “spout” and “spank”.

The online tutor will encourage the child with praise when a task is carried out correctly or will repeat the question if the answer is wrong.

In this way an online phonics reading program will build up the knowledge of the child learning to read from single letters and sounds through groups of letters and their associated sounds to whole short words and families of words then longer words and ultimately sentences which the reader will identify.

Later in the online phonics reading program, the child will have to use a keyboard onscreen and later still the computer keyboard to type words and sentences onto the screen so not only will the child be learning reading and spelling but keyboard skills as well, which will certainly be a bonus in these technologically focused days.

Of course the online phonics reading program doesn’t just involve sound and word identification but reading aloud along with the onscreen tutor too.


Online Sales Are Still Booming

Retail sales in Australia, UK and USA are down year on year, but online sales are up, and consistently performing in most countries at +/- 30% growth.

Are you making the best of your online sales opportunity?

Whether you have a main street shop, a boutique in a mall or only an online presence there has never been a more important time to maximize sales opportunity.

When you have a physical shop it is a great pull back for visitors to your shop, to be able to refer them to your website. This ensures you can continue a passive or proactive relationship with potential customers.

A passive relationship is where you are offering interesting information and content online to keep them coming back regularly.

A proactive site is where you are capturing email addresses, and physical addresses, to keep referring them to your website, and reminding them about your fantastic business.

If you can also offer them the advantage of ordering online, you are really entering the best opportunity space. You see, they know you because they visited your store – now they are building trust with you, so now is the ideal time to offer them online shopping experience.

There is a shoe shop in a nearby town that does this, and I buy regularly online from them. If they didn’t have the website, I would only spend about 10% of what I spend now! Why, because I am busy and it is a hassle to get there – but online takes me 5-10 minutes to order a pair of shoes.

Have you got an online webshop, or your own website?

Being an email user is your first step into online business, asking your customers for their email address (and importantly) permission to contact them. This way you can tell them about special promotions, sales and other new things in your business.

You can only expect the best results and participate in the online sales boom if you have a website, and preferably a shop online.

There are two ways to do this:

First you can go and have someone develop you a full website, depending on what you sell, this will cost you between $250 and $5,000. Also, there is an exciting new instant shop builder service about to be launched onto the world internet market in November, if you would like further information on this please contact us.

Alternatively you can have a web shop on most recognized classified websites. These usually cost a few dollars a month set fee, although some sites also charge you a % of sales on top of that.

Normally the type of shop you would choose depends on what you are selling, and the type of image you want to have.

Small businesses, with limited stock items, may well find that it suffices to have a webshop on a classified site. However, if you have a range of items to sell and would like to attract more new customers to your store, then your own website with full payment facility is the better way to go.

If you have a physical store your earliest sales will come directly from your physical customer base, and their friends, capturing additional sales from people who have visited you. In my mind, this works better than a loyalty card – I refuse all loyalty cards (I never seem to have the right one at the right time), but I happily give my email address to shops I like – I want to know when they have a promotion, and I want to shop online!


Crossword Puzzles Online – What to Look For?

If you are a fan of crossword puzzles, then it is important that you know you can find crossword puzzles for print on the Internet. And there are options to consider when looking for these kinds of puzzles online, which is the point of this article.

The latest technology has revived the interest for crossword puzzles and the Internet is also utilized to make them accessible to anyone, even those who don’t subscribe to newspapers. Many websites can give you crossword puzzles for print at no cost at all. Some of these websites are dedicated entirely to providing entertainment such as this. They have huge databases that contain popular brain teasers for all types of audiences. One of the advantages of these websites is that you can go back to them time and time again, because they supply fresh sets of problem-solving amusements each and every day. You can also choose the level of difficulty that you want to play with.

Features to Look For when Choosing Crossword Puzzles Online

  • One that is easy to navigate.
  • One that is accessible with ease so that you can change from one recreation to another whenever it suits you
  • A website with a large archive that will allow plenty of puzzle opportunities (these are especially useful for people who possess expert skills)
  • A website that allows feedback so you can contribute to the improvement of the site by your suggestions
  • A website that provides word search games that cater to both the young and adult audiences, so if you have kids, you can enjoy playing and sourcing from the same website

Recitation of the Quran

Presenting the Quran in a delightful voice is critical in Islam. One should peruse the Quran with Tarteel, this as per Ibn Kathir who composed a popular analysis of the Quran, thinking back to the thirteenth century is to “discuss the Quran gradually, making the letters understood, for this is a help with understanding and contemplating the significance of the Quran.” In Arabic the word Tarteel interprets as “slow, estimated musical tones”. The Quran should be discussed in a similar way as the manner in which the Angel Gabriel uncovered it to the Prophet Muhammad.

Another basic word that one goes over when taking a gander at the manner in which the Quran ought to be presented, is Tajweed. This implies perusing the Quran with right articulation and must be educated under a certified educator so that everything missteps can be redressed. Learning appropriate Tajweed takes quite a while and should be idealized. All Muslims are needed to gain proficiency with the Tajweed rules of recounting the Quran, as discussing in an off base way will bring about the importance to get contorted

Muslims put a lot of significant worth to the person who presents the Quran in a delightful voice with Tarteel and Tajweed, one of the best and most famous recitation ever is by Qari Abdul Basit Abdus Samad. The title Qari is for somebody who discusses the Quran with the legitimate guidelines of recitation, this title is accomplished by lively and in some cases extensive courses explicitly intended to show the principles of Quran recitation.There are roughly twenty researchers of Islam who are incredibly well known among the Muslims in light of their excellent voice and the way in which they discuss the Quran.