Quick and Easy Website Promotion – Three Tips to Help Your Website Get Traffic

Any business without a website in the age of the Internet is rare these days, even tradespeople who work locally have a one page website with their contact details, but a website that doesn’t appear in the search engines is not much use since customers are unlikely to find you.

Creating a website with the potential to rank well isn’t difficult, but it does require effort. Sadly most business people won’t find the time to work on their website promotion but this is great news for you. If your competitors won’t take the time to promote their business online, then search engines are likely to look more favorably at your website.

This isn’t enough though, it is also important that your website is optimized for the words that customers use to find you in the search engines. Too often the business website will be optimized for your business name but if you aren’t well known this won’t help you.

Let’s use an example to illustrate this. Gary Davenport [*] owns a small trucking firm on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Due to the way his local phone book works, Gary’s business is listed in the next town so most of his customers would never find his business.

He creates a website using his company name, “Davenport and Brothers Haulage” and writes several pages about his company, it’s history, the corporate mission statement etc. After a while Gary notices his website isn’t generating any business so he asks his customers what they type into Google to find him. Well, Gary learns to his dismay that his customers don’t type Davenport, instead they type “haulage los angeles”.

What Gary should have done was use his business name only as part of the website branding, but his pages needed to mention haulage in Los Angeles. Luckily, it’s never too late to make corrections on the Internet because Google regularly check your website for updated information, so go ahead and change your pages, experiment and see what works for you.

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