Kindle Backlight Review of Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light

The Kindle Backlight has turned out to be a most welcome and yet slightly controversial Amazon Kindle by-product. There are many brands of Kindle backlights available and sold, however the Mighty Xtraflex2 Clip-On Light is one that has gained popularity for many reasons.

Who would have thought that when Amazon deviated from initially selling and distributing books, and turned towards selling clothing, electrical equipment, furniture, food and much more, that their best selling product would be a portable reading device – the Kindle, which has sold millions globally.

When you think about it, Amazon have actually gone full circle with their multitude of products and have risen above the competition with this visionary device. There are many variations of the Kindle backlight that can be bought in different colors, as well as the traditional black and white ones.

This product is a growing trend to how people now prefer to read their books. This reveals that the Kindle and its backlight has clipped its place or rather stamped its authority towards being a worthy accessory.

It has not always been popular or even mentioned, as the general public never really knew of its existence. Amongst many questions asked about the Kindle backlight, the biggest one from purchasers and enquirers alike was ‘does the Kindle have a backlight’? They also frequently asked ‘is there a backlight for the Kindle’?

The answer is a resounding “yes” and has already been answered previously.

In the first instance, for these type of questions to be asked, you would easily assume that there was a design flaw in the product. Actually, this isn’t so. Or you could even think that the designers knew that from creating the kindle with a backlight, there is less scope for purchasers to become repeat customers who will buy kindle accessories.

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