How Turf is Different From Astro Turf

Actually a trademark name, Astro turf has become synonym with artificial turf nowadays. Made up of synthetic fibers, it is used in sports arenas. Synthetic nylon fibers are made up of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and carbon compounds. Natural grass is considered to be better for the environment. Since Astro turf has artificial surfaces, it causes extra heat generation. Artificial does not require much maintenance. You don’t need to worry about bad weather either. Because of excellent athletic qualities of artificial, its usage is quiet popular in sports. If you are member of school management, you might have found it to be extremely cheap as compared to real turf.

Major disadvantages of artificial grass are because of various chemicals that are not naturally present in our ecosystem. Chemicals present in the artificial grass are harmful for the aquatic life. You might have noticed the artificial grass to be hotter as compared to natural. This is because of Astro Turf’s property to absorb heat. Natural grass is in sync with the environment. Made up of almost similar elements from periodic table, natural grass is manufactured by the natural processes and micro-macro organisms such as insects, bacteria etc. The natural grass in your lawn also populates organisms that can break down complex structured pollutants. You will be amazed to know that Astro turf can increase the temperature of a town.

Natural grass on the other side helps to bring the temperature down. Artificial grass poses environmental issues and natural is hard to maintain. If you are using fertilizers and several other additives to make natural look plush, you have already made it less natural. Natural grass is sensitive to weather changes. However, when it comes to beautification of an area such as park or small lawn outside your office, artificial grass is no match for some great varieties of natural. They are delicate and tough to maintain but every passerby will admire it.

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