Next-Generation Swift May Launch In 2017

Suzuki is seeking to launch their next-generation Swift by 2017 with a very cost-effective hybrid technology. The company is targeting buyers who seek fuel efficiency.

Suzuki currently commands almost half of the entire Indian car market share which is close to around 44 per cent. The company sells about one lakh units every month.

To maintain this position in the market, Suzuki is looking forward to at least 4-5 car launches planned within 2015. They recently launched the upgraded Swift which is their 3rd largest selling car in India.

The Swift, released in 2005, immediately caught the attention of potential Indian buyers due to its sporty looks and staggering performance. The fourth-generation Swift expected to be launched in about 3 years from now will surely boost their sales even more.

A significant reduction in the overall weight of the new car is expected since this is supposed to be a lightweight hybrid. It would be nice to see it launch with standard ABS and airbags, hopefully.

It is a car similar to the Chevy Volt which uses the motor to propel the car forward. The engine also acts as a generator to charge the batteries while moving around. Sources reveal that the car is designed for people whose daily travel path will be less than 20 km. (about 10 miles) per day. A plug on the car will allow recharging from any kind of wall socket.

The hybrid variant of the Swift will have low CO2 emissions and will also be extremely fuel-efficient. Suzuki is currently developing a new power train in India for this car in order to the keep the costs of its batteries down. The company might not import the kit for this model from Japan since Suzuki feels that the India lacks the requisite battery charging infrastructure. Suzuki is developing a similar electric hybrid with low-cost technologies in Japan. Currently, Toyota Camry is the cheapest hybrid available there after the Pries.

Suzuki has come a long way since their Suzuki 1000 launch, they have won the hearts of millions of Indian people and also overseas customers who love how cheap and reliable these cars are. They adore this brand to the core!

With the introduction of such hybrids and electric cars in the future, most Indian customers will come to buy such products from them only, rather than going to any other brand since Suzuki is the number one brand in India since a long time and will continue to be due to their unmatched service efficiency and after-sales customer support.

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