Finding Good Taylor Swift Tickets for Kansas City

Taylor Swift will be coming to Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium on September 24, 2011. If you’re one of her many fans, you might be wondering how to find good tickets for the show.

The most important thing to remember is the fact that the show will be at Arrowhead-not the smaller Sprint Center that hosts so many Kansas City concerts. Taylor Swift will take the stage on the field level of a massive stadium, which makes ticket location more important than it is for many other shows.

Even though Swift isn’t selling tickets in all areas of the stadium, ticket buyers should consider a few challenges associated with buying seats at Arrowhead. That’s particularly true when one considers the fact that Arrowhead has hosted so few concerts over the past decade.

The field level seating may disappoint some fans. The Taylor Swift show does feature a number of “pit” tickets immediately surrounding the stage. These should offer a great view of the show and are the best way to get close to the performer. Some of the other field level sections will also offer reserved seats fairly close to stage.

Many of the other “floor” tickets for Ms. Swift in Kansas City will be a substantial distance from the stage. These tickets may very well be too far away from the stage to offer a decent view. Even lower level seats past the first few sections closer to the stage will probably be preferably to many of the field level options simply because lower level seats will offer some elevation.

The lower level seats closer to stage should be some of the best tickets for the concert. They’ll offer a clear view of Swift and good proximity to the stage itself.

Upper level seats for the Taylor Swift show in Kansas City may be a hit-or-miss proposition. While many people will appreciate their affordability, those who find themselves in high rows in upper level end and corner seats may eventually wish they paid slightly more for better options.

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