5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Fake Designer Bag

The extent to which maximum penalties go shows that they want to make examples of guilty people to scare off those who would be tempted to stray into an illegal direction… Some may get up to 10 YEARS in PRISON and up to $2M in FINES, incredible numbers! So, why would the average customer shouldn’t purchase “discounted” goods at the corner downtown?

1- Illegal businesses do not use quality materials and sometimes, they can even be made of TOXIC products.
Looking to get the best price for something we want, shouldn’t come in the way of getting legitimate, quality, durable AND SAFE products. Some objects have caused serious Replica Designer Shoes¬† harm whether implicating children choking on small detached parts or health issues from prolonged exposition to lead (Pb). Even animals can suffer. When humans, or animals, absorb lead in their system (mouth / lungs), it is rapidly sent into the blood stream. From there, the body is contaminated and can develop, eventually, a grave intoxication…

Certain cheap paints, dyes, glazes and metal alloys will show quantities of lead that are concerning… BEWARE.

2- Money used to buy any Replica Designer Shoes  goods on the street or into counterfeit goods businesses will never be declared.
Even if you, personally, only spend a few dollars, multiply this by hundreds and thousands of people and you quickly fill up way more than a piggy bank! To break it down, it goes into TWO Pockets ONLY: the maker’s and the reseller’s. That’s it. Think of your city’s schools, hospitals, parks and all other social programs, who will end up paying MORE than if everyone was doing their part? YOU and ME, easy equation. WE are losing SIGNIFICANT amounts on the black market and the 1st step to showing our disagreement is to STOP buying from them, even the smallest of things.

3- Think of Ecological & fair trade consciousnesses.
If the makers know they will only get a few dollars for their reproductions, do you think they will use “Green certified” or 1st class products? Do you think they will ask experienced, trained employees to work for them at a decent salary? Asking yourself these questions is answering them… “When you purchase a fake, you become part of the cycle of counterfeiting and your money directly supports things you would never want to support” -IACC (International Anti Counterfeiting Coalition).

4- Fakes don’t come with guarantees and they will not last.
By purchasing a cheap bag that you enjoy the looks of, be ready to use it for a very limited period of time. Materials used will not last, period. If you really love the looks of it, you should consider investing in a genuine piece that will be made of quality, lasting materials and will most likely have a guarantee of some kind if ever the product had unexpected defects. You would be able to truly enjoy your new possession and over time, you would see it was well worth the extra money.

5- When your inexpensive purchase shows its real nature, you will not feel proud!
As mentioned earlier, counterfeit goods, or fakes, are made of cheap materials. So, be ready for them to reveal themselves as [short] time goes by… Paints scaling, zippers catching, crooked scaled hardware, fake designer name tags falling off, bottoms tearing, lost items between 2 ply fabrics, etc. When this happens, will you feel proud of the fact you “only paid 50$ for it”? The feeling of shame and disappointment will hunt you, hopefully enough so that next time, you think twice…

So PLEASE, Don’t close your eyes. There are millions of individuals, mothers, fathers, CHILDREN who will suffer… We can only get so far by ourselves, but together, we could change something… Next time you want a Signature Bag: save your money, savor the wait, be smart and when you do purchase it, You will Feel Awesome! YOU WILL LOVE IT and you’ll feel proud with reason! You will also have the pleasure of enjoying its fine company for a long long time because it is one Major characteristic of a genuine branded bag: it LASTS. It can even get better looking with time! “Seriously??! THAT should happen more often!!!!”

In the end, let’s not be unrealistic fools to believe everyone should only buy organic, handmade, fair trade goods… Barely anyone could afford such shopping habits!

But being conscious about it and making better decisions about a couple of things is meaningful and can raise awareness in others. Especially within luxury brands which are one of the largest targets in the counterfeit goods… Just get in your head that every step counts towards better worldwide societies.

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