Email Marketing Best Practices: Email List Building Strategies

Seriously, above data analysis of email marketing campaigns, is to build a strong email list. Sure, as a marketer, you’re interested in converting promotional emails (or just general emails) into sales, but, really, drawing in new clients is the only way to boost your bottom line.

Even if you’re not interested in supporting your sales team (entirely, that is!), ensuring that your email marketing list grows is surely your top priority. If it isn’t, then it ought to be. Building your email list not only converts hits to sales but also spreads your brand and identity to potential customers.

So, here are some email list building strategies that will most definitely help you impress your boss, your sales team and your brand.

Along with building a dedicated customer list, these email list strategies will build an email list fast and effectively.

Though it seems obvious and straight to the point, sales promotions do lead to new or potential customers to opt-in for your email marketing blast. Without a doubt, this leads to sales and amazing, overall conversion rates.

So, what sort of promotions should you run in order to drive potential customers?

Nothing less than 10%, whether it is a coupon or a sales promotion, offering anything less is just a crime. The biggest turn-around rates (new customers to existing customers) always include a discount bonus for signing up for emails. To really motivate new customers, promise a coupon or a discount immediately upon email opt-in.

Consider offering a substantial promotion to lure new customers in. Depending on your bottom line, always start with a 10% discount, but the most successful email list builders always offer more. Think about a 20% discount or a percentage of a product or service.

Furthermore, offering something more than a discount is another way to up the customer ante. To opt-in for email marketing blasts, always include on top of your discount, a video tutorial or a white paper on your industry or something that is generic enough that appeals to all customers.

Landing Pages
Let’s say someone searched you through Yahoo!, Google or Bing, and you’ve enticed them enough to visit your website. Though, your landing page may be your main page, it ought to have an alluring enticement that encourages your potential customers to sign up or opt-in for your email marketing campaigns.

Or, the more savvy, those amazing email marketers, often redirect general online searches to specific landing pages with sign-up forms, along with incentives and general company information.

Further, after online searches, your main website page ought to have a clear opt-in email marketing form or a floating window that appears before loading the main page. Always (always!), include your incentive for signing up.

Online Sign-Up or Opt-In Forms
Whether its your directed landing page, floating window or general opt-in forms on every page on your website, ensure that your sign-up form is easy and quick to fill-out.

Don’t worry about collecting additional customer information on the initial sign-up. That’s for your email marketing account management. Make it easy and simple for new customers to give you the necessary information.

Only ask for a name, email, type of email contact they’d like to receive and an agreement of your privacy terms (not selling or offering your customers’ personal information).

Asking for additional information, say a mobile number or home address is not only unnecessary but ultimately turns off potential email subscribers.

To grow your email marketing list takes finesse and care. Your opt-in online form ought not to be cumbersome or take more than a minute to fill out.

With your existing email marketing campaigns, always include a chance for your current customers to send your emails off to friends, family and colleagues. Also, a significant amount of referrals come through contacts and connections on social media.

Further, provide an incentive to forward to a friend. Many top-of-the-line companies offer a joint promotion for referring new customers. Usually, these referral promotions offer the customers a higher rate instead of new customers. This, however, doesn’t stop from you from offering a significant bonus for new subscribers to sign-up. Always include a reciprocal promotion for the recommenders and new customers. is a leading provider of interactive marketing software and services for organizations worldwide. SimplyCast’s all-in-one solution helps users automate email, survey, event, SMS, fax, Twitter and autoresponder marketing needs to effectively reach customers on their preferred mode of communication.

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