With traditional sales and marketing

This may sound like a bit of a contradiction, but in actual fact you’re looking for a place where the competition is low and your relevance and importance are very high. This is pretty obvious but it is also a journey of discovery that you need to engage in, so as to discover where you are going to fit and into which little slot that no one else has thought about.

It’s almost like having to be punished back in the days of junior high when you were bebe-accueil up to no good and having to write a 5000 word essay on the contents of a Ping-Pong ball. I’m sure many of you have heard of or been exposed to this gruesome punishment!

But if you think about it, there is a lot to write about the inside of a Ping-Pong ball and there is a lot of discovery and research. You write it in the hope it will be read. It probably won’t be. The same applies to Internet marketing & search engine optimization. You need to do the discovery and figure out what people are saying. Considering that 70% of search phrases used on any search engine have no exact match in a key-phrase, this is a huge opportunity for you to get a page 1 ranking for words that people are using if you consider that America alone has an online population of approximately 250,000,000 people. 70% of those people are using search phrases that have no exact match phrase, so why not have a page 1 ranking using a long tail keyword. If you add on to that the fact that the average search phrase is about 4 1/2 words long, then you should be able to rank easily.

If you also consider the fact that people are looking for information and Google is in the business of connecting people to people and people to information, how do we go about finding information? We ask questions. We use questions to learn and those questions are where we generally start when we go to Google. ‘What is Justin Bieber eating for supper tonight’, ‘how do I kiss a girl’, ‘how do I find a boyfriend’. If you write content, shoot a video and create imagery that is relevant to these questions, chances are you are going to get that traffic because nobody else is competing for that space.

Take the above into consideration and ask three key questions

Question one – are you famous?

Question two – what do you think you sell?

Question three – what does Joe public think you sell?

Take these three questions and the fact that people are using, on average, four and a half words in a search phrase and that over 70% of search phrases have no exact match to the indexed search phrase, you could be on a winning wicket.

What do we mean when we say you’re on a winning wicket? Well think about it in this fashion. If your competitors are not competing for the search phrases that you have identified for your industry, then you should be dominating that space.

With traditional sales and marketing, we used to go and knock on doors, visit people, talk to them and build relationships. Once we understood what they want we were then able to provide a far better service. Today we look at statistics and data. We forget that people are still people. People want a hug and crave being touched. This is why there are so many dating sites. If we didn’t want to touch, to meet people, to do business with people, then there would be no social media.

There would be no need to meet people or find a partner because technology would. Why would we need video? We could just use words, but we don’t because we need visual stimulation, we want to see, to smell, to engage. We all engage people. We need to understand that people want to engage with us, take a walk through the malls, look around, shop around and just talk to a store owner and engage with somebody.

If people want to engage with other people so badly, we need to use the tools that are out there to help them engage with you and your business. Tools such as search engine optimization and website design.

Internet marketing is a wonderful keyword but if you think about it, that’s exactly why there are tools to help you engage with other people. Google wants people to engage with people. Google has figured out that people want information, knowledge and that they want to learn, but Google cannot see, Google can only read code, so again, it stands to reason that words are the most powerful and effective way of getting your message across. That Google is simply going to index a website based on the words that are written has absolutely nothing to do with engaging the person who is looking at the website. This is where the pretty, pretty, the good-looking design kicks in. Google finds it and the video is viewed, the response is laughter perhaps; the person is engaging and happy. The displayed phone number is dialed and the excitement mounts. Someone will answer! Imagine the surprise and dismay when you speak to an answering service voicemail and are told to leave a message; someone will get back to you and does not.

You go to the trouble of reading all these articles teaching you about search engine optimization and Internet marketing, which you implement, but you don’t bother to answer the phone. That’s just stupid.

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