Why Managed Services is a Better Business Model Than Break-Fix

Oh no! You come in and email is not working, you cannot print. You have a client meeting in an hour and have to scurry around trying to get your presentation printed so you can win the business.

Your day just went off the deep end.

This scenario might be playing out in your business today if you are not already using managed services. The worst part is that when you call your repair guy, they tell you that they are swamped and will not be out until tomorrow. Now what? How much is that going to cost in lost productivity? In lost sales? In dissatisfied customers?

The best part comes later when you get the repair bill and realize you will have to sacrifice a body part.

Managed services is not a silverĀ  Cyber Security Cloud bullet but it can make your business life significantly more predictable. Monitoring and maintenance can help to minimize “emergency” repairs and allow you to plan for downtime and treat repairs more routinely. Predictability for a business owner is a welcome change to daily fire fighting and emergencies.

One of the current myths is that managed services cost more than break/fix repairs. While it can certainly seem that way when viewed only by comparing the repair bill to the monthly service fee, that is not a fair comparison. Break/Fix repairs have significant costs related to lost productivity, customer dissatisfaction, lost revenue opportunities and others.

Consider any mechanical device you know of from your car to your lawnmower. All things mechanical perform better when properly maintained. Managed services typically provides that ongoing maintenance and care that can extend the life of your computer resources giving you even more value for your investment.

The break/fix model of caring for your computer resources is not managing your business. It is gambling. You are betting that you will not have a problem that costs you customers or a large repair bill. Is there any other area of your business you treat that way? I doubt it because if you do, it is a safe prediction that you will not be in business very long.

Do you want to feel like you are running your business instead of it running you? Managed services can help you to get a handle on one more piece of your business and put it under control and management.

Scott Love is a managed services provider in Spokane, Washington that helps to educate business owners about the benefits of adopting a proactive approach to managing their computers.

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